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Brief History of Stretching Charts, Inc. / VISUAL HEALTH INFORMATION (VHI) VHI Headquarters

Stretching Charts, Inc., doing business as Visual Health Information (VHI), has been in the business of providing exercises and information for fitness and health professionals since 1980. The company was formed by John E. and Ann C. Beaulieu in Springfield, Oregon. In 1985 they moved the company to its present location, Tacoma, Washington.

VHI strives to produce educational materials of the highest quality. Professionals in the fitness and health care fields use these materials to create handouts for their clients and patients. These handouts will assist the client/patient with home exercise routines or provide additional information as follow-through to their visit with the professional.

The president of the company John E. Beaulieu, Ph.D. seeks out, as the company’s authors, fitness and health care professionals with specialties in the areas for which they will be developing products. Then the products are carefully reviewed by a board of fitness and health care professionals. Ann Beaulieu forms this review board from peers in the particular area for which the product is being developed. Ann works closely with the authors, the review board, and the graphics department of VHI to produce materials which are technically correct, have clear and attractive graphics, and concise readable text.

At present VHI features two product formats: In 1991 VHI moved its focus from consumable pads of tear-off information sheets to the creation of kits of cards with reproducible images and text. The ability to create individualized routines for clients by choosing various cards to photocopy makes the kit line very popular. VHI has sold over 140,000 card kits worldwide. In 1999 VHI launched its second format, the computerized PC-KITS. This made the very popular kits of cards even more flexible by putting them into a software program which allows the user to build routines with a simple click of the mouse. The many additional features of the software program and its user-friendly nature are moving it to the forefront of software packages in both the fitness and rehab fields.