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Privacy Policy
VHI's Privacy Policy
VHI is very concerned with your privacy and we want to openly disclose how your information is collected and used. We want you to understand that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will VHI sell or share your information with any other company or advertise to you on behalf of any other company. VHI wants you to know that we will not abuse the privileges of marketing via email or postal mail. You will not be subject to spam, junk mail, or sales calls due to interacting with VHI's website.
Collection of Personal Information
  • Only by voluntarily filling out and submitting an online form is any of your personal information collected.
Storage of Personal Information
  • All information on the server is password protected. Your passwords are stored in a one-way encrypted format, meaning that there is no way for someone to be able to determine your password based on the information stored in the database.
  • All information transmitted by the website is sent via state-of-the-art SSL encryption, which protects confidential information from interception and hacking.
  • VHI will not sell, share, or allow any third party agencies access to your information.
How Your Personal Information is Used
  • VHI will use your e-mail address to market to you about new VHI products and services only if you specify that it is okay for us to do so. Online forms that collect e-mail addresses, but do not specifically ask you if it is okay to send e-mail, will not be incorporated into any e-mail marketing lists.
Postal Address
  • VHI will send mail to you via the U.S. Postal service about new VHI products and services only if you specify that it is okay for us to do so. Online forms that collect postal addreses but do not specifically ask if it is okay to send mail, will not be incorporated into any mailing marketing lists.
Phone Number
  • VHI will not market to you via the telephone.
Accessing and Modifying Your Personal Information
  • You may sign in to your account online at any time to access and correct your personal information and privacy settings.
Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that are transmitted only to the web server that created them. If you do not feel comfortable with cookies being stored on your computer, look at your web browser's help file to learn how to turn them off. However, by turning off the cookies you may lose access to parts of VHI's website.

  • VHI only stores cookies after you have voluntarily submitted information via an online form.
  • Information stored in the cookies is non-identifying.
  • The cookies are used to protect VHI (prevent the downloading of unauthorized files from our website) and to provide convenience for you (allowing the site to "remember" some of your information).
If you have any questions or concerns regarding VHI's privacy policy you can call VHI at 1-800-356-0709.