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Exercise Ideas Book Series
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Balance Stability
Exercise Ideas for Balance Stability
Edited by Irv Rubenstein, PhD Exercise Physiologist

This collection of balance stability exercises is ideal for therapists and fitness professionals training the body in all planes of motion and all aspects of balance. This text provides 363 exercise ideas and options for training the vestibular and somatosensory systems that contribute to balance and stability.

The book is divided into five major sections: Lying/Kneeling, Sitting, Two-Leg Stability, One-Let Stability, and Active/Mobile Stability. This book contains a wide variety of Balance Stability Exercises which include: Foam Roller, Rocker Board, Tubing, Therapeutic Ball, Balance Board, Medicine ball, Barbell, Aquatics, Tilt Board, and much more. ..

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ISBN: 1-929343-09-6
Length: 99 pages

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