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Exercise Ideas Book Series
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Core Strengthening
Conditioning on the Ball
Upper Body Strengthening
Lower Body Strengthening
Balance Stability
Exercise Ideas for Upper Body Strengthening
Edited by Dr. Irv Rubenstein

Any professional who works with the strength needs of clients, athletes, older adults or anyone recovering from injury will find this book an important reference. This text provides 520 exercises for the muscles and joints above the waist, exclusive of the spinal structures.

The book is divided into 12 chapters: Chest Exercises, Shoulder Exercises, Upper and Middle Back Exercises, Latissimus Dorsi Exercises, Biceps Exercises,
Triceps Exercises,
Abdominal Exercises,
Low Back Exercises,
Forearm Exercises,
Rotator Cuff Exercises,
Neck Exercises
and Finger/Hand.
This book contains a wide variety of exercises which include aquatics, calisthenics, free weights, machine weights, tubing and band, medicine and stability balls and much more... This reference is a must for all fitness and medical professionals.

Price $14.95

ISBN: 1-929343-05-1
Length: 176 pages

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