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Complete Balance & Vestibular Complete Balance & Vestibular Ideal for all age populations from young to frail elderly. This collection allows the healthcare practitioner to guide a patient in a safe and effective functional home exercise program to address: Static / Dynamic Sitting or Standing imbalance; Gait Instability; Gaze Instability and Oculomotor Dysfunction; Motion Intolerance; Dizziness and Positional Vertigo due to Vestibular, Neurological or Orthopedic Issues. [More...] Buy

Therapeutic Yoga Therapeutic Yoga This collection is designed to support patients/clients to experience a safe, accessible, and therapeutically-oriented introduction to yoga as a rehabilitative tool. It addresses breathing strategies to support the foundation of a nervous system prepared for movement towards recovery, rehabilitation, or integrated strength and flexibility. It also demonstrates supported yoga exercises using props including wall, chair, blocks, or blankets. restorative practices are included to support patients' nervous system response to therapeutic movement. [More...] Buy

Complete Stretching Complete Stretching VHI has updated its classic stretching collection to include 278 new stretching exercises to bring you the most complete stretching collection available anywhere. You can create flexibility routines for clients and athletes at any level of performance, Easy to Advanced, for all muscle groups. [More...] Buy

Eccentric Exercises Eccentric Exercises Eccentric weakness is key in most musculoskeletal injuries. These clear, easy-to-follow illustrations will help your patients understand how to correctly perform eccentric or “negative” work for their conditions. A great tool for clinicians who need to develop exercise routines for patients with tendon injures. [More...] Buy

Stability Ball Stability Ball VHI has updated and replaced its Therapeutic Ball collection of 125 exercises with the new VHI Stability Ball Collection. This new collection contains 178 new ball exercises, for fitness/wellness, Yoga, Pilates, general athletic conditioning and rehab. Exercises in each section are sequenced from easy to difficult allowing you create ball routines for every level of client fitness. [More...] Buy

Neurological Rehabilitation Neurological Rehabilitation VHI’s new Neurological Rehabilitation kit offers over 620 individual exercises to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, posture, balance, and use of paretic muscles. Specific exercises are available for caregivers and clients that need assistance to exercise. This collection is designed for treating neurological conditions. Ideal for patients with weakness of the upper or lower body, stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or other neurological conditions. [More...] Buy