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Complete Balance & Vestibular Complete Balance & Vestibular Ideal for all age populations from young to frail elderly. This collection allows the healthcare practitioner to guide a patient in a safe and effective functional home exercise program to address: Static / Dynamic Sitting or Standing imbalance; Gait Instability; Gaze Instability and Oculomotor Dysfunction; Motion Intolerance; Dizziness and Positional Vertigo due to Vestibular, Neurological or Orthopedic Issues. [More...] Buy

Therapeutic Yoga Therapeutic Yoga This collection is designed to support patients/clients to experience a safe, accessible, and therapeutically-oriented introduction to yoga as a rehabilitative tool. It addresses breathing strategies to support the foundation of a nervous system prepared for movement towards recovery, rehabilitation, or integrated strength and flexibility. It also demonstrates supported yoga exercises using props including wall, chair, blocks, or blankets. restorative practices are included to support patients' nervous system response to therapeutic movement. [More...] Buy

Orthopedic Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescription Kit Orthopedic Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescription Kit
Our Best Seller!
This best-selling collection is the most comprehensive library of orthopedic exercises available anywhere. If you have clients who are injured and need early stage restorative exercises to return to normal activity, this collection of tubing, isometric, isotonic, and active resistive exercises will help your client safely return to normal activity. Great for the post-rehab specialist, trainer, therapist, or exercise physiologist. [More...] Buy

Dynamic / Functional Aquatic Dynamic / Functional Aquatic Bridge the gap between water- and land-based exercise with the most comprehensive aquatic exercise collection ever developed. Contains both shallow- and deep-water exercises utilizing a Dynamic/Multidirectional/Functional approach. This collection will assist the clinician in the treatment of orthopedic, sports, and neurological diagnoses. Dynamically exercise your clients in an aquatic environment incorporating multiple positions and equipment to improve their overall functional outcome. Improve Range of Motion, Alignment/Posture, Stabilization, Balance/Coordination, Proprioception, Strength, and Endurance. [More...] Buy

Gary Gray Functional Exercises Gary Gray Functional Exercises This is the only exercise collection on the market to feature Gary Gray's functional exercises. Now you will have the tools to design truly functional exercise programs for all patient types... all in one program. This collection includes functional training exercises to strengthen the entire kinetic chain. From dynamic balance training to core strengthening for functional spinal stabilization to high-end explosive training... it's all here and it's in all three planes of movement for all ability levels. [More...] Buy

Spinal Stabilization Spinal Stabilization This collection of stabilization exercises is ideal for treating patients with spine weakness and pain. These exercises will help your patients create a stable spine and torso by improving neuromuscular function and postural awareness. They will also help patients create a strong and stable core. This collection incorporates a wide variety of stabilization approaches including ball, tubing, pulleys, Pilates mat and equipment exercises. [More...] Buy

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Pulmonary Rehabilitation This collection is designed to provide resources to effectively work with individuals who have a wide variety of chronic lung problems including COPD, asthma, restrictive lung disorders and the complications that often accompany these conditions. This resource focuses on symptom assessment and management, self-care strategies, use and care of equipment and pulmonary rehabilitation. [More...] Buy

Osteoporosis Management & Postural Correction Osteoporosis Management & Posture Correction This collection of exercises and full-page education sheets is designed to give the rehab clinician a safe and effective approach to working with patients who are at risk for low bone mass and skeletal fragility. This collection is designed to improve body alignment, muscle action and weight bearing forces on the bone. It is unique in that it focuses on strengthening the back extensor muscles. [More...] Buy

Activities of Daily Living Activities of Daily Living This incredible collection contains professionally illustrated, easy-to-understand, instruction cards to help you communicate your Activities of Daily Living instructions to patients, family caregivers, staff, and interdisciplinary team members! Now, you can send patients and their family members home with a clear understanding of how to continue to improve independent living skills. [More...] Buy

Amputee Lower Extremity Rehabilitation Amputee Lower Extremity Rehabilitation VHI's Lower Extremity Amputee Rehabilitation Kit is the most complete collection of information ever put together for the rehabilitation of the lower limb amputee. Now you will have all the tools necessary to help the amputee patient from post-op to prosthesis fitting. [More...] Buy

Aquatic Exercises Aquatic Exercises These exercises can be combined to create innovative movement sequences for a variety of goals and purposes. Use these professionally illustrated exercises to develop rehab, fitness, and sports routines and to depict circuits, intervals, and deep water programs. [More...] Buy

Assisted Exercise Assisted Exercise New On Computer!
Show aides, caregivers and family members exactly how to perform each exercise with a patient. Each instruction clearly demonstrates the position of the patient and the movements to be performed by the caregiver. [More...]

Balance Training Balance Training This unique collection of 174 balance training exercises is ideal for working with a variety of clients. From the therapist or trainer working with an injured client, to the strength coach working with competitive athletes, this collection will help train the body in all planes of motion and all aspects of balance. [More...] Buy

Body Mechanics Resource Library Body Mechanics Resource Library This exceptional collection of 114 cards will enable you to teach important principals of posture, positioning, movement, and lifting as they relate to your patients’ functional activities at their home or workplace. Accommodate every phase of your patient’s recovery process through a positive educational approach to spine care. [More...] Buy

Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiac Rehabilitation This unique collection was designed to give you the tools necessary to individually treat and educate all your cardiac and pulmonary patients. Now you will be able to effectively treat patients with: (MI) Myocardial Infarction, (CABG) Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, (PTCA) Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty, (COPD) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Stable Angina. [More...] Buy

Closed Chain Closed Chain These functional exercises are designed to enhance neuromuscular training and increase proprioception and joint stability. They also provide a natural method to encourage the healing process. Your patients will exercise simultaneously in the three basic planes consistent with joint structure and motion: Frontal, Sagittal and Transverse. [More...] Buy

Foam Roller Exercises Foam Roller Exercises This collection of 160 Foam Roller Exercises is ideal for developing Core Stabilization, Balance, Mobilization, Movement Awareness and much more… This collection is designed for most rehab and professional training programs. [More...] Buy

Golf Resource Library Golf Resource Library Bringing together exercise and golf instruction in an integrated fashion, this collection of golf specific exercises will help you develop exercise programs that can directly affect golf technique. [More...] Buy

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga The Hatha Yoga library contains over 100 yoga poses and exercises detailing yoga exercises and techniques. It is an ideal collection for health or fitness professionals who teach yoga to their clients, and will be a valuable aid to enhance clients’ strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing. [More...] Buy

Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Disorders Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Disorders This collection is a must for anyone who treats Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions & Incontinence. Whether you work in a hospital post surgical unit or treat high-level athletes, this collection is for you. These exercises will help patients who have incontinence and pelvic pain progress to everyday activities from sneezing to golfing. [More...] Buy

Manual Therapy Manual Therapy This resource brings together 450 classic exercises and new ideas specific to OMT trained therapists and those therapists with MET, MTT, STEP experience. Now you will have access to the most current MET/STEP exercise collections. Advanced levels of exercises taught in Manual Therapy seminars and residencies are included in this collection. [More...] Buy

Medicine Ball Medicine Ball Building core strength and joint integrity by training in three planes of motion just became easier with this collection of medicine ball exercises. Add specificity training by creating simulated movement patterns for your athletes. These exercises will help your athletes develop eye-hand coordination, explosiveness and simulate functional movement patterns. [More...] Buy

Neurodynamic Mobilization Neurodynamic This collection is designed to assist in working with any musculoskeletal condition that has been evaluated and determined to have a neural tissue component. Improve neural tissue health by mobilizing the neural tissue with specific active movements in a progressive manner by changing the sensitivity of the central and peripheral nervous systems. This collection contains a large number of progressive exercises biased to individual peripheral nerves. Most sections contain three types of neuromobilization exercises (tensioning, flossing, and dynamic). [More...] Buy

Pilates Mat Exercises Pilates Mat Exercises Developed from the Pilates vocabulary on the mat or derived from original exercises created by Joseph Pilates on his machines, this collection contains authentic Pilates Exercises. If you’re a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Therapist, or Dance Instructor, this collection is for you! [More...] Buy

Plyometric, Stabilization, & Advanced Functional Exercises Plyometric, Stabilization, & Advanced Functional Exercises This collection is ideal for anyone who works with athletes to develop Quickness, Agility, Explosive Power, Vertical Jumping, and much more… This resource is ideal for addressing Core Stability. [More...] Buy

Pre / Postnatal Pre / Postnatal The most complete set of medically proven prenatal/postnatal exercises ever assembled. Help women feel good and stay fit during pregnancy, have a positive childbirth experience, and shape-up easily after delivery. This collection helps to address physical symptoms and prevent complications through safe and effective exercises. [More...] Buy

Strength On Ball Strength On Ball These 183 ball exercises combine strength and functional training at the same time. Now you can build core strength and develop peripheral muscles, balance and stability in less time than with traditional approaches. Contains a continuum of beginning to advanced exercises. These exercises can be used to treat injured clients or challenge high-level athletes. [More...] Buy

Strength Training Strength Training This library of 320 Strength Training exercises will give you all the tools you need to work with athletes and clients at any level. From someone returning to activity after injury, to the conditioned athlete, you will have all the tools you need to create appropriate strength routines for any level of functioning. [More...] Buy

Complete Stretching Complete Stretching VHI has updated its classic stretching collection to include 278 new stretching exercises to bring you the most complete stretching collection available anywhere. You can create flexibility routines for clients and athletes at any level of performance, Easy to Advanced, for all muscle groups. [More...] Buy

Stability Ball Stability Ball VHI has updated and replaced its Therapeutic Ball collection of 125 exercises with the new VHI Stability Ball Collection. This new collection contains 178 new ball exercises, for fitness/wellness, Yoga, Pilates, general athletic conditioning and rehab. Exercises in each section are sequenced from easy to difficult allowing you create ball routines for every level of client fitness. [More...] Buy

Tubing Tubing This is the most comprehensive and innovative collection of resistive and functional Tubing Exercises ever created. This resource library of Tubing Exercise is a must for Fitness Professionals, Trainers, Therapists and Health Clubs. This collection contains exercises for every part of the body, including the torso! [More...] Buy

Wheelchair Pre / Postnatal This collection is an effective tool for matching a clients abilities & disabilities to a total workout without needing to transfer out of the wheelchair. Exercise programs can be designed for a variety of needs from spinal cord injuries to someone temporarily in a wheelchair. [More...] Buy

Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Over 10,000 Occupational Therapists have discovered this most complete up–to–date reproducible resource ever developed for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation. [More...] Buy

Lymphedema Lymphedema This is the most comprehensive collection ever developed to help PTs and OTs trained in Lymphedema Treatment or Manual Edema Mobilization (MEM) work with patients who have lymphedema, or sub-acute persistent edema. The Lymphedema section is ideal for treating Primary and Secondary Extremity Lymphedema, Breast, Trunk and Genital Lymphedema. The Manual Edema Mobilization section is designed for use with sub-acute to chronic edema resulting from upper and lower extremity surgery, trauma, wounds, post-stroke edema, and for venous leg wound edema. [More...] Buy