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Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity
General Tip Cards
  • Seated Neck Rotation
  • Sitting Arm Swing
  • Seated Bouncing
  • Sitting Bilateral Arm Abduction
  • Sitting Bilateral Shoulder Flexion
  • Unweighted Pelvic Tilt
  • Unweighted Lateral Pelvic Tilt
  • Unweighted Pelvic Circles
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Lateral Pelvic Tilt
  • Pelvic Circles
  • Sitting Alternating Arm Raise
  • Sitting Alternating Leg Raise
  • Sitting Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
  • Sitting Same-Side Arm and Leg Raise
  • Sitting Leg Extension
  • Forward Sitting PNF Diagonal 1 Flexion/Extension
  • Forward Sitting PNF Diagonal 2 Flexion/Extension
  • Sitting Half Sit-Up
  • Sitting Full Sit-Up
  • Supine on Ball Diagonal Curl-Up
  • Prone Side-to-Side Lean
  • Prone Front-to-Back Rocking
  • Prone Alternating Arm Raise
  • Prone Alternating Leg Raise
  • Prone Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
  • Prone Same-Side Arm and Leg Raise
  • Prone Bilateral Arm Raise
  • Kneeling Ball Walk to Toes Touching Floor
  • Kneeling Ball Walk to Thighs/Toes
  • Prone Ball Walk to Thighs with Hip Extension
  • Prone Ball Walk to Toes with Hip Extension
  • Prone Ball Walk with Hip Abduction/Adduction
  • Kneeling Ball Walk to Double Knee to Chest
  • Prone Ball Walk to "Skier" Position
  • Prone Ball Walk to Single Knee to Chest
  • Prone "Superman"
  • Bridging with Calves on Ball
  • Sitting to Bridging Position
  • Bridging with Leg Raise
  • Bridging with Arm Raise
  • Bridging with Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
  • Bridging with Same-Side Arm and Leg Raise
  • Bridging Leg Sweep Under and Over
  • Kneeling Back Extension
  • Kneeling Neck Extension
  • Prone Back Extension
  • Kneeling Forehead Rest Arm Lift
  • Kneeling Forehead Rest Arm Reach
  • Kneeling Forehead Rest Unilateral Arm Abduction
  • Kneeling Forehead Rest Bilateral Arm Abduction
  • Sitting Upper Thoracic Stretch
  • Sitting Middle Thoracic Stretch
  • Sitting Lower Thoracic Stretch
  • Sitting to Supine Spinal Extension Stretch
  • Kneeling to Prone Extension Stretch
  • Kneeling Side to Side Stretch
  • Kneeling Arm Reach
  • Side-Lying Arm Over Head Stretch
  • Kneeling One-Arm Raise with Spinal Rotation
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Upper Extremity
  • Unilateral Arm Curl
  • Unilateral Tricep Extension
  • Unilateral Tricep Extension (French Curl)
  • Bilateral Arm Curl
  • Bilateral Tricep Extension
  • Bilateral Tricep Extension (French Curl)
  • Unilateral Scapular Retraction
  • Bilateral Scapular Retraction
  • PNF: Diagonal Flexion 1
  • PNF: Diagonal Flexion 2
  • PNF: Diagonal Extension 1
  • PNF: Diagonal Extension 2
  • Shoulder External Rotation
  • Shoulder Internal Rotation
  • PNF: Bilateral Diagonal Flexion 1
  • PNF: Bilateral Diagonal Flexion 2
  • PNF: Bilateral Diagonal Extension 1
  • PNF: Bilateral Diagonal Extension 2
  • Bilateral Abduction
  • Bilateral Arm Circles
  • Kneeling Scapular Retraction
  • Kneeling Butterflies
  • Prone Bilateral Alternating Flexion/Extension
  • Kneeling Forward/Backward Roll
  • Kneeling Side-to-Side Roll
  • Kneeling Horizontal Abduction/Adduction
  • Kneeling One-Arm Flexion Humeral Depression
  • Kneeling One-Arm Support Opposite-Arm Horizontal Abduction
  • Prone Push-Up from Mid-Thigh
  • Prone Push-Up from Shins
  • Prone Push-Up from Toes
  • Prone Side-to-Side Lean
  • Prone Front-Back Lean
  • Bridging Chest Press
  • Prone Dumbbell Row
  • Sitting Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • Bridging Tricep Extension
  • Sitting Overhead Dumbbell Press
  • PNF: Sitting Diagonal Chop 1
  • PNF: Sitting Diagonal Chop 2
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Lower Extremity
  • Shallow Squat
  • Medium Squat
  • Parallel Squat
  • One-Leg Squat
  • Hip Extension Bridging with Calves on Ball
  • Hip Extension Bridging with Heels on Ball
  • Hip Extension Bridging with Heels on Ball -- Slow March
  • Single-Leg Bridging with Calf on Ball
  • Single-Leg Bridging with Heel on Ball
  • Leg Curl with Hips Flat
  • Leg Curl from 2" Bridge
  • Leg Curl from 4-6" Bridge
  • Single-Leg Curl from 4-6" Bridge
  • Standing Calf Raise Stomach Against Ball
  • Single-Leg Calf Raise Stomach Against Ball
  • Shin Raise with Back Against Ball
  • Single-Leg Shin Raise with Back Against Ball
  • Isometric Adduction in Side-Lying
  • Isometric Adduction in Supine
  • Isometric Abduction in Supine
  • Hip Rotation in Supine
  • Sitting Knee Extension with or without Cuff Weights
  • Sitting Knee Extension Alphabet Write with or without Cuff Weights
  • Knee Extension from Bridging
  • Single-Leg Curl Ball Roll with Opposite-Knee Extension
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General Tip Cards
  • Ball care instructions
  • Finding a neutral position
  • Fitting a ball to a patient
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