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VHI Evidence-Based QuickNotes FAQ
VHI Neurological Conditions Evidence-Based QuickNotes
VHI Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Evidence-Based QuickNotes
VHI's Evidence-Based QuickNotes
 Frequently Asked Questions
  Q: How do I access the QuickNotes files?
  A: Access to files for downloading are granted via protected pages through your Version 4.0 PC-Kits or purchased subscription activated in your account.
  Q: Will access to the QuickNotes product expire?
  A: Your access to the QuickNotes webpage via PC-Kits or subscription will not expire.
  Q: How do I edit the QuickNotes documents?
  A: The provided Microsoft Word DOCX files can be easily opened and edited in Microsoft Word 2007 or later.
  Q: How do I add my logo to the document?
  A: To add your logo or picture to the DOCX file, just right click on the empty box and choose change picture. Then insert your picture or logo.
  Q: How do I edit the DOCX files if my version of Microsoft Word is older than 2007?
  A: If you have an older version of Microsoft Word, (2003, 2002, or 2000) you will need to install the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit some items, and save the DOCX files in your previous version of Word.
  Q: How can I fix display problems that sometimes occur with the DOCX files?
  A: We recommend you convert your QuickNotes issue to a PDF before emailing. The PDF will maintain the layout and is viewable on any operating system and device, Microsoft Word documents are not.
  Q: How can I convert the DOCX file to an Adobe PDF file?
  A: Word 2007 and later can save your file as a PDF. Just click on your Office Button, choose Save As, then choose the PDF option.
  Q: My version of Microsoft Word does not save files in the Adobe PDF file format; is there another way to convert the file?
  A: There are many free PDF converters available online, for example: and are two popular options.